Bradstone, Old Town Paving Grey Green Large Circle

The picture above is of the small 2-ring circle in weathered limestone finish. The diagram below indicates the size of the large 3-ring circle, and the picture below it shows the Grey-Green paving slabs.

The emerald tinges of the Bradstone Old Town Grey Green Large Circle Paving Kit make this particular circle form an excellent complement to the natural green of your garden plants.

The stonework provides a natural flow from the shrubs and flower stems that you have planted, and the overall effect will be that of subtle balance. This delightful effect is further enhanced by the delightful illusion of cut stones that the kit likewise supplies, which is a marked contrast from the relative ease with which this formation can be installed in anybody’s backyard. Get ready to be showered with compliments from anyone who visits.

The smaller, 2-ring circle, is available here.