What Paving Suppliers Are There In The UK?

UK Paving Suppliers

If you want a niche paving item, such as perhaps an Octagon kit or a Compass kit, it’s hard to tell how many different products are available. The reason it’s hard is because there are only a limited number of manufacturers (for man-made stone) or suppliers (for natural stone), but they supply the paving packs to many different retailers. You’re left wondering if “Octagon A” by “Retailer A” is the same as or different to “Octagon B” by “Retailer B”. Eventually you discover that they’re the same item, from the same supplier!

To tackle the problem, let’s look at the number of actual suppliers in the UK market.


Bradstone Paving

The biggest manufacturer and supplier of them all is Aggregate Industries, at Aggregate.com. Previous listed on the stock market, Aggregate Industries is now part of a Swiss-based private company called Holcim.

In the UK, the company sells both natural and man-made stone paving under the trade-name / brand, Bradstone. The Stoneflair name has been incorporated into “Stoneflair by Bradstone”, and the Borderstone trade-name has been sold to KelKay.

Bradstone offer a wide range of paving circle kits and pack, but have reduced the number of Octagon kits available over recent years. They now only offer one.



As mentioned above, Kelkay aquired the trade-name “Borderstone” from Holcim and added it to their other brand-names which includes “Garden Stone“. Under the “Garden Stone” brand, they offer the following paving circles and shapes…

Circle Kits

  • Abbey Circle Kit 1.5m in York Gold (Optional Squaring Off Kit)
    Abbey Circle Kit 1.5m in Antique (Optional Squaring Off Kit)
  • Abbey Half Circle Kit 2.4m in York Gold
    Abbey Half Circle Kit 2.4m in Antique
  • Abbey Circle Kit 2.4m in York Gold (Optional Squaring Off Kit)
    Abbey Circle Kit 2.4m in Antique (Optional Squaring Off Kit)
  • Abbey Petal Circle Kit 1.8m in two-tone York Gold and Antique (Optional Squaring Off Kit in Antique)
  • Astral Circle Kit 1.8m in two-tone Rustic Sage and York Gold
    Astral Compass Circle Kit 1.8m in two-tone Heritage Brown and York Gold (Optional Squaring Off Kit in York Gold)
  • Minster Circle Kit 1.8m in Autumn Brown (Optional Squaring Off Kit)
    Minster Circle Kit 1.8m in Rustic Sage (Optional Squaring Off Kit)
  • Nova Circle Kit 1.8m in Graphite  (Optional Squaring Off Kit)
  • Sunflare Circle Kit in two-tone Rustic Sage and York Gold (Optional Squaring Off Kit in Rustic Sage)

Octagon Kits

  • Minster Octagon Kit 2.3m in Autumn Brown
    Minster Octagon Kit 2.3m in Rustic Sage
    Nova Octagon Kit 2.3m in Graphite


Tesco appears to be selling Kelkay products but with slightly different names. For example, the “Abbey” circles are called “Cotswold”, the “Minster” octagons are called “Balmoral” octagons, the “Sunflare circle” is called a “Sun circle” and the “Astral circle” is called a “Warwick circle”. They also have a “Sandringham circle” and “Sandringham octagon” which do not seem to be Kelkay products.


Brett Landscaping

Another manufacturer and wholesaler of paving circle kits is Brett Landscaping.

Brett packs are available for…

Natural Stone 2.4m circle with squaring off kit included:

  • Elite Stone – Textured Stone Circle
    Elite Stone – Tumbled Sandstone Circle
    Elite Stone – Granite Circle
  • Style Stone – Sandstone Circle
    Style Stone – Slate Circle
    Style Stone – Limestone Circle
  • Creative Stone – Sandstone Circle

Concrete Paving:

  • Westminster Circle 2.7m
    Bronte Circle 1.8m (also available as a half circle)
    Olde English Brick Circle

For details, see page 82 of the Brett’s brochure.


Wickes sells a range of paving circle kits and “Octant” kits under their own brand name, although a few products carry the Marshall’s name. Marshall’s don’t sell many products direct to the public, but a company and website called “SimplyPaving” was set up by Phillip Marshall who used to be, “Chief Executive of Marshall’s PLC, and more recently Chairman of Stoneflair and Director of Bradstone”. I thought the Wickes products could be re-branding of the ones available at SimplyPaving. However, Wickes has five Octagons available, whereas SimplyPaving only offer one, so I’m not sure where Wickes sources theirs. Wickes offers..

  • Wickes Heritage Paving Octant Kit Weathered Yorkstone
  • Wickes Heritage Paving Octant Kit Yorkstone
  • Wickes Buxton Octant Kit Buff
  • Wickes Wentworth Octant Kit Calder Brown
  • Wickes Buxton Octant Kit Charcoal
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Getting The Best Price

When we’re shopping, we all want the best deal, right? Usually a big factor in deciding which is the best deal is the price. Yes, we want to buy from a trusted retailer and also know that we can get good customer support, but the price is really important.

Price Match
Price Match

Wouldn’t it be great to find a trusted online retailer with great customer support who also offered a “price match guarantee” so that you’d know you were getting the best deal? Well, if you’re shopping for paving, you’ll be delighted to learn that Simply Paving, our retail partner and the UK’s largest online retailer for paving products, now has a price match guarantee. They say, “if you find any of our listed paving cheaper elsewhere online, we’ll refund the difference”. Naturally, terms and conditions apply, but this does illustrate how Simply Paving are a top-notch retailer focused on looking after their customers.

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Circle Kits – Paving Circle Kits Info

So you’re thinking of buying a paving circle kit… congratulations! The circular design is always popular and adds a wonderful focal point to any garden or patio. If you’ve decided to use the circle as a specific focal area in your garden, then you need look no further than the kits on this website. All you need to do is decide on the size of the circle… most are either two-ring (“small circle kit”) or three-ring (“large circle kit”) designs, the particular stone type and finish you’d like to use and the specific patterns such as aztec sun, spinning circle, star shape, celtic knot, plain circle, octagon etc.

If you’re interested in placing your circle within a new or existing patio, bear in mind that you’ll want to buy a “squaring off kit” at the same time as the circle kit. I would strongly suggest making the purchase of the squaring off kit from the same vendor in the same transaction to minimise any potential problems that can arise from buying them separately. Also, ensure the area of the squared off circle kit matches the area where you intend to place it in your patio.

Check out more questions and answers in our FAQ, or look for specific circle designs using our search function, category pages and tags. 🙂

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How To Search For Circular Paving

If you have a great idea for your next garden circle paving project, and are looking to buy a circle kit online, you need to get good search results fast, right?

So what do you type into Google?

Are you going to type, “Circle Paving”, “Paving Circle”, “Circular Paving”, or what?

Here’s a tip… the more specific you can be about what you’re looking for, the better. If you KNOW you’re looking for “Bradstone, 3-Ring Weathered Cotswold Circle Kit”, then type that in. Hopefully, you’ll visit this page and see the exact product you want to buy. 🙂

But what if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for? Well, you should still aim to be as precise as possible in your description, then browse around the pages which turn up in the search results. In the above example, you may type in “Bradstone Circle Kit”, and you may land on our Bradstone category page, which is fine because there you’ll be able to browse all the Circle Kits that Bradstone offers.

You can also think about how to narrow your searches in other ways. For example, if you’re in the UK and want to exclude any USA-based websites, you can either include “UK” in the search you do, or click the Google button which says, “only show results from the UK”. Also, if you’d really like free delivery or next day delivery, include those words in your search phrase.

So when you’re looking to buy online, remember to be as precise as possible in your searches. It’ll save you a lot of time and effort. Oh, and when you find a site you like, don’t forget to share it with your friends and bookmark it. (yes, that was a subtle hint!) 🙂

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Indian Sandstone Quarry

Ever wonder where the stone in your circle paving kit comes from? Well, sometimes that sandstone may have travelled thousands of miles from rural India. Take a look at this blog post where a journey to an India sandstone quarry is described.

Apparently, in this area of India, 250Km from Jaipur, “an area covering approximately 40 square kilometres [is] home to 1,000 sandstone quarries!”

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Different Paving Shapes And Patterns

How many different paving shapes and patterns are there? I mean, of course you can create any shape you wish from paving stones and slabs by cutting them to your specification… but how many different shapes are available in kit form?

I was amazed to compile this list…

nautical star (compass points)
celtic knot

These designs are usually available within a circle motif, which can be included in a larger patio paving area by using a squaring-off kit. Sometimes the squaring-off stones come as part of the overall pack, but usually not because if they’re included, people who only want the circle would waste money buying stones they don’t need and won’t use.

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Video: Dry-Laying A Celtic Knot Paving Circle

I found this really cool video of a celtic knot-style paving circle being dry-laid in 45 seconds. The celtic knot is a very cool design, available from Stonemarket in the UK.

The purpose of dry-laying is to work out how to position the paving stones in the correct arrangement which is especially important in a tricky job like this. It’s much easier to re-lay the paving stones if they haven’t been fixed. Also, with natural stone, there’s significant variation in the colour of the individual stones which makes it a good idea to dry-lay them so that you can align any specific stones based on their slightly different colour hues.

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What Happened To Wetherdale?

If you’ve been looking for Wetherdale paving from Bradstone (sometimes incorrectly spelt weatherdale), you won’t find it in the Bradstone 2010 catalogue and so you won’t find it at any retailers selling only the current ranges from Bradstone. So what happened to Wetherdale?

Well, it seems that the venerable Wetherdale range was supplanted by the shiny new Milldale range. If you’d like to check out the Milldale range of circles, just click on it in the tag-cloud to the bottom right of this page. –>

Wetherdale seems to have been phased out in 2007, so be careful if you find a stockist online because presumably they will be using up old stock. Make sure they have it available are are not just advertising it for sale when they’ve run out!

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Bradstone Suppliers – Where?

Many people wonder where they can find paving stones from Bradstone. The actual paving slabs are made by a company called Aggregate.com, who also make the Stoneflair range of stones. You can find links to the brochures for both Bradstone and Stoneflair on the right-hand side of the page. However, the manufacturer does not supply direct to the customer, so you need to find a retailer who’ll sell you the paving you’re looking for.

At Circle Paving, we offer a wide range of Bradstone (and Stoneflair) circle, octagon and other shape kits for you to easily create a feature from paving stones either as a standalone design, or as part of a patio paving area. We work in partnership with Simply Paving, who process the order and deliver the product to you, the end customer. Simply Paving also supply regular Bradstone paving slabs in a variety of finishes for if you just want plain slabs instead of a paving design, as well as stones for driveways, walling and building materials.

Since their launch in 2005, Simply Paving have supplied paving products to over 30,000 customers in the UK to become the leading online UK paving supplier. They offer great customer service, competitive prices and fast, free delivery.

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How To Lay Paving – Video

I found this video at Youtube which give a really quick indication as to how to lay paving slabs, and also how to cut a paving slab in half using a hammer and chisel.

The video says that slabs should be laid over a bed of sharp sand and a 1:5 mortar mix should be used to anchor the paving, particularly when heavy items (lawnmowers, patio furniture) will be moved across the finished paving. The mortar dabs are placed at each corner, and one in the middle, then the sides of the paving slab are buttered with mortar before the slab is laid and gently hammered into place using the shaft of the hammer. A spirit level is used the check that the slab is horizontally level. It’s easier to butter the sides of the slabs when laying them than trying to fill the gaps between them afterwards, and it avoids the possibility of mortar staining the slabs.

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