Spinning Circle Kit

Polished Natural Sandstone Paving Modac Spinning Circle – Pack

This stunning spinning circle in Modac Natural Sandstone will beautifully set off the rest of your garden and act as an incredible focal point. Whereas most people will got for a plain patio, or even a circle or octagon, this spinning circle offers something truly different for discerning customers who want to make a dramatic statement with their garden. Can you imagine hosting a garden party or barbecue event and having your guest see the dramatic spinning circle paving? They will be immediately impressed by the beautiful Purestone paving and the stylish shape of the spinning circle feature. It’s an instant talking point.

Discontinued Two-Tone Spinning Circle:

Update: We no longer think the two-stone combination spinning circle is available. However, there is a spinning circle available using Modac natural sandstone. Click here for details.

Purestone Sandstone Antique Paving Spinning Circle Kit

In a delightful twist from more conventional paving treatments, the Stoneflair Purestone Sandstone Antique Cragside/Glendale Spinning Circle Kit utilizes blocks from both the Cragside and Glendale tone and texture schemes to produce a veritable work of pavement art in the middle of your garden.

The combination of the charcoal Cragside and the dusky brown of Glendale, when applied to a pattern of swirling blocks, transforms a typical paving circle into a dynamic design that almost appears to be moving. This elegant formation is, of course, no less sturdy against the elements, and provides a permanent fixture for the pleasure of both your household and your guests.