Stoneflair, Yorkvale Paving Antique Gold – Circle Pack

Note: This product is now sold as “Bradstone Yorkvale Paving Antique Gold”

Stoneflair, Yorkvale Paving Antique Gold - Circle Pack

The Yorkvale Antique Gold Small Kit makes a wonderful addition to any garden arrangement, with its bright golden tones that are complemented by natural texture lines and its rugged but streamlined design. This particular kit comes in two concentric circles and a central stone, which can be assembled all together to provide a delightful centrepiece, or laid out in sections so that more imaginative enthusiasts can fill empty spaces with either foliage or artificial fixtures. The stones of this kit are bound to put a smile on the faces of anyone who can appreciate the warmth and charm that they exude. The 2 ring circle consists of 25 pieces and has an approximate diameter of 2.46 metres.