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postheadericon Stoneflair, Bamburgh Mill Paving Minster Green Large Circle

Important Update:
Since the 2011 catalogue, “Stoneflair” are now known as “Stoneflair by Bradstone”. In addition to changing the name, they also streamlined several product ranges. Unfortunately, the 3-ring circle below is no longer available, although it is available in the same finish and colour as a 2-ring circle. Please click the link for details of the 2-ring circle.

Stoneflair, Bamburgh Mill Paving Minster Green Large Circle
With just the right amount of old world charm to take your garden back a few centuries without making it feel ancient, the Stoneflair Bamburgh Mill Large Circle Pack contains an expanded set of building blocks that are crafted and finished to have the appearance of natural cut stone. This particular kit comes in a subtle Minster Green, a shade that blends well with any plant life that you will have strewn about in your backyard, sitting in pots or even growing ambitiously on your outside walls. You will certainly enjoy the professional look and feel it will give your garden, notwithstanding the fact that it is easy enough for an inexperienced gardener to install.

The large circle is 40 pieces in total, creating a circle with a diameter of approximately 3.07 metres.

postheadericon Stoneflair, Bamburgh Mill Paving Minster Green – Circle Pack

Stoneflair, Bamburgh Mill Paving Minster Green Small Circle

The Stoneflair Bamburgh Mill Small Circle Pack is a fine product for the enhancement of any garden, made up of several rings and a central stone that slot in like puzzle pieces without much hassle, yet look like the stones were individually hauled from their quarries and painstakingly laid out in your backyard. Certainly, these paving materials boast durability, thanks to the natural qualities of stone and the ingenious cutting and sealing that the manufacturers have achieved. With the Minster Green colour scheme, they also present an understated attractiveness, that masterfully complements any adjacent foliage, looking as if a bit of the plants themselves have seeped into the stone.

The small circle kit has 24 pieces and a finished circle diameter of approx. 2.2 metres. A separate squaring off kit is also available to integrate the circle into a paving area.