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postheadericon Stoneflair, Purestone Sandstone Antique Paving Cragside – Small Circle Kit

Important:The Antique Natural Sandstone range no longer contains circles, either large or small. We therefore recommend taking a look at the Purestone Sandstone range which contains both 2- and 3-ring circles as well as an octagon. Click here for more information.

Purestone Sandstone Antique Paving Cragside - Small Circle Kit

Shown above is the large circle in Antique Cragside, a charcoal-coloured natural stone finish. The small circle pattern is shown for you to see the layout of the small circle kit.

Sometimes, the selection of colour makes all the difference in determining which paving design is best for your garden. This is certainly true of the Stoneflair Purestone Sandstone Antique Cragside Small Circle Kit, whose elaborately cut and hand-dressed stones will allow you to build a patio that is both well-worn and modern in appearance.The Cragside colour scheme is a mixture of charcoal and buff tones that blends easily with any existing pavement, and is just as attractive on its own regardless of the foliage that surrounds it. This particular product is not wanting in sturdiness, either, especially when reinforced with sealant, which will have the secondary effect of enhancing the unique shades of the stone.