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postheadericon Stoneflair, Rivenstone Paving Cotswold – Circle Pack

Update: Stoneflair Rivenstone has been discontinued, sorry.

Stoneflair, Rivenstone Paving Cotswold - Circle Pack

If you’ve always admired the appearance and feel of natural stone paving but aren’t willing to spend all that money and painstaking effort to assemble one of your own in your backyard, the Stoneflair Rivenstone Circle Paving Pack may just be the answer to all of your needs. Featuring several interlocking pieces that form a circular pattern, this kit can be laid out easily as prescribed with a day of decent work, and even comes with squaring pieces so it can be added to existing pavement. It will certainly look like professional stonemasons slaved away in your garden, but only you will know how the lovely golden stones fit together so perfectly to make a lovely patio.

The completed square is 2.7 metres by 2.7 metres and covers an area of 7.3 square metres.