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postheadericon Stoneflair, Tuscany Paving Tuscany Circle

Note: Stoneflair is now called, “Stonefliar by Bradstone”, other than that, the product is the same…

Stoneflair, Tuscany Paving Tuscany Circle

Evoking the stone paving arrangements that one may find in Greece and other Mediterranean territories, the Stoneflair Tuscany Paving Pack transports your garden into a lush world where island architecture and the bracing sea breeze perpetually beckon you to pay a visit. You will delight in the unique veining and attractive blends of sandy colours that further reinforce the warmth and tranquillity of this region. Though somewhat more complex than your typical paving kit due to its numerous pieces and possible multiple levels, the resulting designs will provide a majestic foundation for your outdoor plants and furniture that few other products can match.

The Circle contains 37 pieces in total and has a diameter of 2.7 metres.