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postheadericon Bradstone, Old Town Paving Weathered Limestone Large Circle

The picture above is of the small 2-ring circle. The diagram below indicates the size of the large 3-ring circle.

For the discerning garden enthusiast who seeks something uniquely elegant to display, the Bradstone Old Town Weathered Limestone Large Circle Paving Kit provides a delightful centrepiece that is sure to satisfy your tastes. The pre-cut structure is easier to assemble than the finished product may have you believe, but will end up looking like it was chiselled and slotted into place by experienced builders from an age long past. This particular paving circle works well either as the focal point of a paved walkway / patio area through your garden, or on its own, its aged appearance providing an impressive foreground feature framed by the surrounding foliage.

The weathered limestone finish is also available as the smaller, 2-ring, circle, shown in the top picture. For that circle, which is 2.8 metres diameter, please click here.

postheadericon Bradstone, Old Town Paving Weathered Limestone Small Circle

When you first lay eyes on your newly installed Bradstone Old Town Weathered Limestone Small Circle Paving Kit, you’ll feel as if part of your garden has been transported from another time and place, rich with the culture and sturdiness that can only be captured by authentic stone pavement. Though the surface of the garden circle is entirely synthetic, the natural colour and expert carvings give the impression that stonemasons toiled for days to achieve the work of art that now lies in your backyard. The manufactured weathering further enhances the slightly abraded look that gives your paving circle extra character.

The weathered limestone circle paving kit is also available as a larger, 3-ring circle which is 4.0 metres in diameter.