Welcome To Circle Paving

Welcome! This UK site specialises in offering quality circle paving kits and packs which can be used a centrepieces of patios or as features in gardens. We also have some specialty shapes such as star paving packs and spinning circle kits which we offer through our retail partner, Simply Paving.

Most of the circle paving kits and packs at this site are from the Bradstone and Stoneflair ranges, two of the best known brands of paving products, with respected quality and workmanship. However, we have also managed to find some unusual extra kits by other suppliers such as Marshalls to bring you the widest selection possible.

Highest Recomendation: The superb 2-Ring Weathered Limestone Circle by StoneFlair. Click here for details.

Here’s a video of the product…


Here are some examples of the Bradstone range of circle paving kits


Here are some examples of the Stoneflair range of circular paving packs


Here is an example Star-shaped paving kit


…and here are some examples of Octagon paving kits


We have organised the site by both Brand name (Bradstone and Stoneflair) as well as by shape (Large Circle, Small Circle, Octagon, Star and Spinning Circle) for easy browsing. There’s also a search bar at the top of this page, and a tag-cloud for specific words and phrases such as the colour or finish of the paving stones.

If you’re looking for general help and advice about paving, we have a frequently asked questions area where we post common questions and solutions about paving from how to remove oil to whether you can pave directly over mud!

CirclePaving.co.uk is an affiliate of Simply Paving who’ve supplied paving products to over thirty thousand customers and have become one of the leading online paving suppliers, offering exceptional customer service, competitive prices and fast, free delivery, generally within 7 working days.

We offer only circle and shape paving kits, so you can easily find the specific type of pattern you’re looking for.