Bradstone, Carpet Stones Charcoal Cobble Radius

Carpet Stones Charcoal Cobble Radius

If you’ve always fancied building a pathway of individual stones through your garden which incorporates a paving circle design, but dread the thought of individually laying and affixing hundreds of stones, Bradstone Carpet Stones provide the perfect solution. Each kit is comprised of several cobblestone arrangements, formed from stone pieces that have been linked together by an underlying mesh fabric. All you have to do is lay down the carpet stone pieces in the desired formation, and marvel afterwards at your very own stone pavement path, with the look and feel of authentic materials.

The carpet stones come in Charcoal, Rustic Red and Grey Green to satisfactorily complement any existing pavement designs and are available individually or in packs of fifteen. For a quick paving circle, you’ll only need two!