Bradstone, Old Riven Paving Autumn Silver Circle Kit

The finish of the stones is shown in the above-left picture, and the actual circle pattern in the above-right diagram. The kit consists of 34 stones… 16 for the outer circle, 16 for the inner circle and two center stones.

Unlike some of the other paving circles in the line, the one you get from installing the Bradstone Old Riven Autumn Silver Small Circle Kit provides less of a dusky autumn feel, and more of a sleek, moonlight-inspired impression. The silver colour will give your patio a modern sheen, which is a nifty twist on the traditional stone look of the pre-cut blocks. This kit works best in gardens that use small gray stones or gravel to either frame plants or use foliage as a backdrop for an architectural arrangement. Ideal if you want a classy garden feature without spending too much money or effort.