Bradstone, Natural Sandstone Mosaic Fossil Buff Radius

We believe this product has been discontinued, sorry.Bradstone, Natural Sandstone Mosaic Fossil Buff Radius

This is a super-simple time-saving product with a stunning look! All you do is put four of these 1/4-circle radius mats down and instantly you’ve got a one-metre squared paving circle made from natural sandstone!

Fossil Buff Radius

The actual paving stones are attached to a mesh matt, so you don’t need to worry about spacing or accuracy which saves both time and money during the installation.

Just as you would expect from mosaic decorative art anywhere in the world, the blocks of the Bradstone Natural Sandstone Fossil Buff Mosaic Radius come in a variety of shades and tones that appear to form an abstract image in your very own garden. The fluidly contrasting hues aren’t the only strong points of this fascinating product, which also provides resistance to wear and moisture damage, the sturdiness that you would expect from top-quality paving material, and simplicity of installation, all for a price that won’t leave your wallet reeling. Any homeowner would be thrilled to have such a delightful conversation piece in the middle of his or her garden.