Bradstone, Natural Sandstone Paving Fossil Buff Small Circle

If you’re tired of obviously manufactured garden landscape pavements, and don’t have the budget or inclination to spend for heavy-duty stonemason craftsmanship, the Bradstone Natural Sandstone Fossil Buff Small Circle Kit provides a wonderful midway alternative. The unique colouring used in the production of the blocks in this kit gives them the appearance of old stone formed from the processes of the earth, rather than the confines of a factory. This product, when properly installed, is tough against the weather, allowing for the safe runoff of water during a rainy day that would seep into and destroy pavements of lesser quality.

The small circle consists of 25 stones, 16 for the outer circle, 8 for the inner circle and a central stone which can be omitted and used as a circle plant area for a feature effect. The circle is 2.46 metres when sited. The other available finish options are Sunset Buff, Autumn Green and Modac.

Bradstone, Old Riven Paving Autumn Silver Circle Kit

The finish of the stones is shown in the above-left picture, and the actual circle pattern in the above-right diagram. The kit consists of 34 stones… 16 for the outer circle, 16 for the inner circle and two center stones.

Unlike some of the other paving circles in the line, the one you get from installing the Bradstone Old Riven Autumn Silver Small Circle Kit provides less of a dusky autumn feel, and more of a sleek, moonlight-inspired impression. The silver colour will give your patio a modern sheen, which is a nifty twist on the traditional stone look of the pre-cut blocks. This kit works best in gardens that use small gray stones or gravel to either frame plants or use foliage as a backdrop for an architectural arrangement. Ideal if you want a classy garden feature without spending too much money or effort.

Bradstone, Old Town Paving Grey Green / Mellow Cotswold Sun Circle Pack


The sun circle is a hugely impressive paving arrangement which uses both Mellow Cotswold and Grey/Green paving from the Old Town range. This arrangement is sure to highlight any garden and become an instant focal point and discussion piece. What better way to enhance a drab area of an existing garden or patio than to lay this stunning design?

The sun circle comes in kit form, with full laying instructions. Fully laid out it has a diameter of 2.8 metres. We think you’ll agree, there are few paving patterns more impressive than this sun circle arrangement in two colours from Bradstone. Click here to learn more about the sun circle

Bradstone, Old Town Paving Grey Green Large Circle

The picture above is of the small 2-ring circle in weathered limestone finish. The diagram below indicates the size of the large 3-ring circle, and the picture below it shows the Grey-Green paving slabs.

The emerald tinges of the Bradstone Old Town Grey Green Large Circle Paving Kit make this particular circle form an excellent complement to the natural green of your garden plants.

The stonework provides a natural flow from the shrubs and flower stems that you have planted, and the overall effect will be that of subtle balance. This delightful effect is further enhanced by the delightful illusion of cut stones that the kit likewise supplies, which is a marked contrast from the relative ease with which this formation can be installed in anybody’s backyard. Get ready to be showered with compliments from anyone who visits.

The smaller, 2-ring circle, is available here.

Bradstone, Old Town Paving Grey Green Small Circle

The above picture is of the small paving circle in weathered limestone finish. The Grey-Green paving stones are shown in in the picture below…

As a standalone piece or as the central feature of a garden paving structure, the Bradstone Old Town Grey Green Small Circle makes an excellent addition to an already sophisticated garden, or one into which you wish to introduce a touch of elegance.

With a refined finish and an appearance that evokes the cobblestone streets of a village from a century or so back, this particular paving design is both a tribute to the sturdy designs of old and the marvellous innovations of present-day garden arrangements. The compact size of this paving (2.8 metre diameter) makes it relatively easy to fit into practically any existing arrangement.

A larger 3-ring version, the 4.0 metre diameter large circle, is also available.

Bradstone, Old Town Paving Weathered Limestone Large Circle

The picture above is of the small 2-ring circle. The diagram below indicates the size of the large 3-ring circle.

For the discerning garden enthusiast who seeks something uniquely elegant to display, the Bradstone Old Town Weathered Limestone Large Circle Paving Kit provides a delightful centrepiece that is sure to satisfy your tastes. The pre-cut structure is easier to assemble than the finished product may have you believe, but will end up looking like it was chiselled and slotted into place by experienced builders from an age long past. This particular paving circle works well either as the focal point of a paved walkway / patio area through your garden, or on its own, its aged appearance providing an impressive foreground feature framed by the surrounding foliage.

The weathered limestone finish is also available as the smaller, 2-ring, circle, shown in the top picture. For that circle, which is 2.8 metres diameter, please click here.

Bradstone, Old Town Paving Weathered Limestone Small Circle

When you first lay eyes on your newly installed Bradstone Old Town Weathered Limestone Small Circle Paving Kit, you’ll feel as if part of your garden has been transported from another time and place, rich with the culture and sturdiness that can only be captured by authentic stone pavement. Though the surface of the garden circle is entirely synthetic, the natural colour and expert carvings give the impression that stonemasons toiled for days to achieve the work of art that now lies in your backyard. The manufactured weathering further enhances the slightly abraded look that gives your paving circle extra character.

The weathered limestone circle paving kit is also available as a larger, 3-ring circle which is 4.0 metres in diameter.

Bradstone, Natural Sandstone Mosaic Fossil Buff Radius

We believe this product has been discontinued, sorry.Bradstone, Natural Sandstone Mosaic Fossil Buff Radius

This is a super-simple time-saving product with a stunning look! All you do is put four of these 1/4-circle radius mats down and instantly you’ve got a one-metre squared paving circle made from natural sandstone!

Fossil Buff Radius

The actual paving stones are attached to a mesh matt, so you don’t need to worry about spacing or accuracy which saves both time and money during the installation.

Just as you would expect from mosaic decorative art anywhere in the world, the blocks of the Bradstone Natural Sandstone Fossil Buff Mosaic Radius come in a variety of shades and tones that appear to form an abstract image in your very own garden. The fluidly contrasting hues aren’t the only strong points of this fascinating product, which also provides resistance to wear and moisture damage, the sturdiness that you would expect from top-quality paving material, and simplicity of installation, all for a price that won’t leave your wallet reeling. Any homeowner would be thrilled to have such a delightful conversation piece in the middle of his or her garden.

Bradstone, Textured Paving Buff Circle Kit

Bradstone, Textured Paving Buff Circle Kit

Garden enthusiasts seeking the ideal material for an outdoor dining area or spot for relaxing on a bench need look no further than Bradstone Textured Paving Buff stones, which possess a rugged but elegant appearance. The raised, stippled surface of the pavement gives it personality, and the solid colour ensures that the entire arrangement brightens your garden when captured by the light.

Bradstone, Textured Paving Buff Circle Kit

These stones are the perfect accompaniment to any other outdoor furnishing, being both sturdy and attractive, as well as a practical alternative to genuine stonework.

The texture paving circle kit is available in the buff finish and measures 2.4 metres in diameter when butt-jointed.

Bradstone, Carpet Stones Charcoal Cobble Radius

Carpet Stones Charcoal Cobble Radius

If you’ve always fancied building a pathway of individual stones through your garden which incorporates a paving circle design, but dread the thought of individually laying and affixing hundreds of stones, Bradstone Carpet Stones provide the perfect solution. Each kit is comprised of several cobblestone arrangements, formed from stone pieces that have been linked together by an underlying mesh fabric. All you have to do is lay down the carpet stone pieces in the desired formation, and marvel afterwards at your very own stone pavement path, with the look and feel of authentic materials.

The carpet stones come in Charcoal, Rustic Red and Grey Green to satisfactorily complement any existing pavement designs and are available individually or in packs of fifteen. For a quick paving circle, you’ll only need two!