Stoneflair, Purestone Slate Paving Rustic Gold – Small Circle Kit

Slate has been dropped as a circle choice for 2011 by Bradstones. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Stoneflair, Purestone Slate Paving Rustic Gold - Small Circle Kit

The colour of gold has timelessly stood for elegance and prosperity, such that objects that are even tinged with this precious metal are looked upon with more respect and appreciation. The Stoneflair Purestone Rustic Gold Pack takes advantage of this fact, combining gold tones with dark gray foundations, and overlaying them with a smoky white finish. The overall effect is a joy to behold, giving the impression that the stone paving is actually gold-lined rock that has withstood the ravages of age. This is all the more delightful when one considers the simplicity of the stonework assembly, and the relatively cheap price of the entire product. The finished circle has a diameter of 2.46 metres.

Stoneflair, Bamburgh Mill Paving Minster Green – Circle Pack

Stoneflair, Bamburgh Mill Paving Minster Green Small Circle

The Stoneflair Bamburgh Mill Small Circle Pack is a fine product for the enhancement of any garden, made up of several rings and a central stone that slot in like puzzle pieces without much hassle, yet look like the stones were individually hauled from their quarries and painstakingly laid out in your backyard. Certainly, these paving materials boast durability, thanks to the natural qualities of stone and the ingenious cutting and sealing that the manufacturers have achieved. With the Minster Green colour scheme, they also present an understated attractiveness, that masterfully complements any adjacent foliage, looking as if a bit of the plants themselves have seeped into the stone.

The small circle kit has 24 pieces and a finished circle diameter of approx. 2.2 metres. A separate squaring off kit is also available to integrate the circle into a paving area.

Stoneflair, Yorkvale Paving Antique Gold – Circle Pack

Note: This product is now sold as “Bradstone Yorkvale Paving Antique Gold”

Stoneflair, Yorkvale Paving Antique Gold - Circle Pack

The Yorkvale Antique Gold Small Kit makes a wonderful addition to any garden arrangement, with its bright golden tones that are complemented by natural texture lines and its rugged but streamlined design. This particular kit comes in two concentric circles and a central stone, which can be assembled all together to provide a delightful centrepiece, or laid out in sections so that more imaginative enthusiasts can fill empty spaces with either foliage or artificial fixtures. The stones of this kit are bound to put a smile on the faces of anyone who can appreciate the warmth and charm that they exude. The 2 ring circle consists of 25 pieces and has an approximate diameter of 2.46 metres.