Stoneflair, Purestone Sandstone Paving Fieldmoor – Small Circle Kit

Important: Since the name change to “Stoneflair by Bradstone” earlier in the year, this product is now known as “Bradstone, Natural Sandstone Paving Autumn Green 2 Ring Circle – Pack”.

Stoneflair, Purestone Sandstone Paving Fieldmoor - Small Circle Kit

The photo, above left, is of the Desert Stand finish whereas the picture, above right, shows the Fieldmoor finish.

Let your imagination breathe with the Stoneflair Purestone Sandstone Fieldmoor Small Circle Kit, which is comprised of a number of pre-cut stones that can be fashioned into a circle or arranged in some other unique manner.

Since the segments are individually installed, portions may be left out, if you wish, to accommodate flower pots or lush foliage. The Fieldmoor variant has a grey and green blended tone that is at once soothing and ethereal, ideal for plant selections of cool colours and evening blooms.

The two ring circle has a 2.46 metre diameter and a total of 25 stones… 16 stones for the outer circle, 8 for the inner and a centre stone.

If this finish is not to your liking, there are plenty of other alternatives that are readily available for purchase such as Glendale, Greyfell, Desert Sand, Rosemount. There’s also a large circle version available in Fieldmooor finish.