Stoneflair, Purestone Sandstone Paving Glendale – Small Circle Kit

Important: Since the name change to “Stoneflair by Bradstone” earlier in the year, this product is now known as “Bradstone, Natural Sandstone Paving Sunset Buff 2 Ring Circle – Pack”.

Stoneflair, Purestone Sandstone Paving Glendale - Small Circle Kit

The photo, above left, is of the Desert Stand finish whereas the picture, above right, shows the stone layout. Click the photo for the Glendale finish.

Boasting a level of quality that one would not expect from pre-fabricated materials, the stones of the Stoneflair Purestone Sandstone Glendale Small Circle Kit come in a festive combination of yellow, buff and tan against a light gray background. This particular configuration provides a subtle, classy accompaniment to practically any arrangement of flowers and foliage that one may see fit to decorate one’s garden. The stones of this kit shine just as well indoors as they would outdoors, and the gorgeous hues of the product stand out regardless of how one decides to assemble the stones. Truly, this kit delivers excellent value with none of the expense and hassle typically associated with garden enhancements that look this good.

The two ring circle has a 2.46 metre diameter and a total of 25 stones… 16 stones for the outer circle, 8 for the inner and a centre stone.