Stoneflair, Purestone Sandstone Paving Greyfell – Small Circle Kit

Since the 2011 catalogue, “Stoneflair” are now known as “Stoneflair by Bradstone”. In addition to changing the name, they also streamlined several product ranges. Unfortunately, the paving circle below is no longer available, although it IS available in slightly different colours. Please click here for details.

Stoneflair, Purestone Sandstone Paving Greyfell - Small Circle Kit

One of the more understated colour combinations in the Stoneflair natural stone paving circle line, the Stoneflair Purestone Sandstone Greyfell Small Circle Kit is an ideal choice for garden designs that emphasize a subtle elegance over a more extravagant display. The interlocking tiles allow one to reproduce the paving arrangement that one fancies from a photograph or someone else’s patio, or simply go with the stone circles that the standard kit produces. Though they are built primarily with aesthetic sensibilities to consider, the kit materials of Stoneflair do not sacrifice durability, and are certainly going to last you a very long time.The two ring circle has a 2.46 metre diameter and if you wish to use the optional squaring off kit its 2.72 metres square.