Stoneflair, Purestone Sandstone Paving Rosemount Large Circle Kit

Important Update:
Since the 2011 catalogue, “Stoneflair” are now known as “Stoneflair by Bradstone”. In addition to changing the name, they also streamlined several product ranges. Unfortunately, the large circle kit is no longer available in “Rosemount” (now called Modac), but it is available as a 2-ring circle.

Stoneflair, Purestone Sandstone Paving Rosemount - Large Circle Kit

The small circle is shown, above left, with the large circle layout, above right.

Beauty and utility combine to amazing effect thanks to the Stoneflair Purestone Sandstone Rosemount Large Circle Kit. The subdued rose, buff, red and orange pavement tiles of this particular product have a delightfully whimsical appearance, but still look refined enough to give your garden just the right amount of class. Since the manufacturers of Stoneflair products use traditional carving and cutting methods to extract and shape their stones, it will be just as if you had your pavement constructed by experts, but without the associated expense or headaches of having to assemble it from scratch. Truly, a remarkable addition to any garden.

The large 3-ring circle has a diameter of 3.3 metres.