Stoneflair, Yorkvale Paving Antique Gold 3 Ring Circle

Important Update:
Since the 2011 catalogue, “Stoneflair” are now known as “Stoneflair by Bradstone”. In addition to changing the name, they also streamlined several product ranges. The new name for this product is, “Bradstone Yorkvale Antique Gold” and it’s available as one-ring or two-ring circles.

Stoneflair, Yorkvale Paving Antique Gold -Large Circle Pack

Look no further than the Yorkvale Antique Gold Large Kit if your aim is to impress the neighbours with your beautiful garden paving arrangement. An excellent alternative to natural stone, the paving slabs of this kit have a golden sheen to them that is at once both refreshing and relaxing to view. You will definitely appreciate the range of different assembly options that are available to you, from your usual circle formations to more complex designs, some of which may involve different elevations or empty spaces for fixtures and foliage. Whatever you decide to do, the excellent look of the building stones ensures that your end result will be a pleasant one.

The 3 ring circle consists of 41 pieces and has an approximate diameter of 3.3 metres.